Morgan Freeman (as “Easy Reader”) and Rita Moreno on the original Electric Company (PBS, 1971-1977).

From the National Public Broadcasting Archives.

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Barbara Tozier, Brassy Vignette


So he donated a painting to the Red Dot Auction. What artist will you discover on May 9th?

You should attend. I promise it’s good for you. 

I wish I could go!

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Google as a manifestation of StarFleet

  1. The computer is encyclopedic, and everyone trusts its answers.
  2. Self-piloting stuff is awesome, until it isn’t and you can only trust a human to do the steering.
  3. Oft-stated “Prime Directive” (i.e. “Don’t Be Evil”) is known by the rest of the universe to be full of shit.

And let’s not forget:





V.F. Portrait | Neil Patrick Harris

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. 

God damn.


I have never wanted to be a snake so bad in my life.

I’ve wanted to make a portrait like this. It reminds me of this.

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Happy birthday to Belgian painter, printmaker, and known curmudgeon James Ensor (1860–1949). The famously reclusive artist painted “Self-Portrait with Masks” when he was seventy-seven years old and at the height of his fame. He frequently used masks in his satires of Belgian society, religion, and politics, and in this small painting he pokes fun at himself and his artistic status.

Self-Portrait with Masks,” 1937, James Ensor (© Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/SOFAM, Brussels)

I, of course, now have the TMBG song in my head.

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What to do with…


Barbara Tozier, Gem

I’ve started putting these generated pictures in their own Tumblr. Right now it’s reblogging the stuff I posted earlier this year, but I’m also occasionally adding new ones — like this!

I’m not sure what I intend to do with them all, but I wanted them to be all together in their own place.

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Barbara Tozier, Twirl