Barbara Tozier, Clouds

Barbara Tozier, In flight

One of the benefits of living near the stadium… I can vicariously partake of some of the entertainment. This flyover was part of a larger event celebrating the 100th year of UMs Aeronautical Engineering department.

Barbara Tozier, Circling


other funny gifs -


other funny gifs -

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"Relax.  When the "Libs" call us names like that it really means they think we’re rugged, masculine, virile.  Like these new Hush Puppies."—1971 (via SenseiAlan on Flickr)

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Barbara Tozier, Beads and gourd

Barbara Tozier, Experiment

Barbara Tozier, Pokeberry


Four views of the new Library Lane mural in Ann Arbor – three with appropriate participation from nearby inanimate objects.

I saw this before it was finished, and was curious. Happy to see how it turned out!

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Staff Pick: “The Storm (The Refuge),” 1853, by John Linnell

So I of course thought that the guy from They Might Be Giants was branching out…

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