Barbara Tozier, Experiment

Barbara Tozier, Shadowed

Barbara Tozier, Charlie’s Angels

Barbara Tozier, A Science Fiction Poem Designed To Fit On One Shelf

To wit:

Lord of Attention
Trickster Makes This World
Artful Making

Art & Fear
Seeds of Change
Ways of Seeing
Common as Air

The Unfathomed Mind
Consciousness Explained
Mind Tools
Mortal Engines
Everything is Obvious

The Sciences of the Artificial
The Policeman’s Beard is Half Constructed
Reinventing the Wheel
When Things Start to Think
The Social Life of Information

This is the Way the World Ends
Scrap Irony
Signs of Life
“The Art that is Life”

Strange Creations
Pretty Monsters
Rude Mechanicals
What Technology Wants
The Complexity of Cooperation

And Afterward, the Dark

Barbara Tozier, Illegal on Ebay

I’ve got this gift set of miniature liquor (each 1/10 pt or about 50ml) complete with intact US and Maryland tax stamps (ca 1939). I can’t sell the bottles on Ebay because they still have booze in them. I know they’re worth more to someone who collects tax stamps because the stamps are complete. So here’s a pic because I can’t do anything else with ’em.


~ The Southern Illinois Record, August 6, 1914
via Illinois Digital Archives

"You will be certain to succeed if you will act instead of building air-castles." DARN that’s my problem all along. Now what do I do with all these castles?

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Activity: Dromedary

Barbara Tozier, Pistil

Barbara Tozier, Compositae

Barbara Tozier, No Color